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Shadow Racing Products sells off-road racing shocks. Our newest, the Black Magic Racing Shock was designed for the Dirt Modified, Late Model and Asphalt market.

The racing shock's purpose is to control the motion of the chassis. To do this the shock uses some sort of valve to meter oil. This generates heat that needs to be dissipated to the atmosphere.

When an average racing shock's oil gets hot, it's viscosity breaks down and then the racing shock loses it's ability to dampen the motion of the chassis. When a shock's oil cavitates, the oil is also thinned out and this leads to shock fade.

At Shadow Racing Products, there is no such word as "shock fade." With our own special blend called Black Magic Shock Oil, fade is a forgotten word. We don't just sell racing shocks, we know racing shocks inside and out!

We carry the following racing shocks. If you have questions, call us! We're always happy to answer your questions.

Black Magic Racing Shocks

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